Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

Who does not want to look beautiful? Nowadays, women spend a lot of money on their beauty treatment. Cosmetology has introduced a great deal of cosmetic surgeries for women and men. Among all of these women mostly like to go for eyelash extension, which is not much expensive and not a very long process. While it comes to the matter of eye usually well-trained beauticians take the case. So, there is no need to fear about eyelash extension treatment as it is entirely safe.eyelash-extensions

  • Before you go for the treatment and buy eyelash extension supplies Australia you need to know what actually eyelash extension is. Mascara is one of the mandatory cosmetics and almost every woman uses it before lining the eyes. Women love to see their lashes big and thick. But, mascara can’t give one long-time lengthy eyelashes. So, women try different ways to get their desired eyelashes. Eyelash transplant, permanent make-up and pharmaceuticals that boost the growth of lashes and so on are tried. But, eyelash extension does not come under any of these above mentioned process. Single lash is placed on your natural eye lash with the help of glue for the sake of enhancing the volume of eyelash. Most of the eyelashes are made of synthetic fibres.
  • As the total process is not very hard so you need not to be a professional beautician to fix artificial lashes on the eye. But, a skilled and trained hand is preferable for this task. If you watch the total procedure in eyelash extensions classes, then your will realise that you need to place single eye lashes on the natural ones.
  • After you are done with the procedure, it does not mean that those new lashes will not fall. Naturally, those synthetic eyelashes last for at least six weeks. It is not so much expensive, but different beauty clinics charge differently. But, it will not usually extend over $500.
  • While talking about some safety measures during the process, it can be said that as the whole treatment will be done around the eye area, so you should be more careful. It has been seen that most of the problems arise after the extension, for the use of glue. Having little allergy and irritation is quite common, but if the problem remains the same for long 3-4 days, then it is time for consulting a doctor.