Gift Baskets For Babies

Gift baskets are perfect for a baby shower or for a new born baby. You will not have to worry about finding items for the package because there is a range and varieties of items for infants. However, the challenge is to find the most useful things that the parents will be looking out for. If you put together the perfect basket, you will be helping the mother and child to have the essentials as soon as the baby is born. Here’s a few tips to get the perfect gift basket ready!

Pre-made or Do-It-Yourself?
You have the options of preparing the hamper yourself or having a store that is an expert in putting a gift pack help you out. Look out for those stores that have a hamper delivery Sydney service in the event that you cannot go see the baby yourself. If you prepare the pack by yourself and pick out every item, there is a more personal touch to it.

Container options
It is not mandatory that you get yourself a picnic basket to prepare the present. Baby hampers Australia can be made out of basket, potty, a baby bath tub, a storage box made out of canvas or a to wagon will do the trick!

The items
This is the second important thing after the container you will be using. You can get hold of baby care products such as lotions, shampoo, bath wash, soap, powder, ointment for rashes etc. For grooming items, you can choose a comb, a hair brush, nail cutter and baby cotton buds. Don’t forget that you can include a thermometer, baby bottles, a bib, pacifiers, towels, jumpsuits, mittens and many more. A few toys and teething toys will be ideal too.

Theme it!
Give your hamper a theme and make it look extra personalised. You can focus the theme based on colours or by the items you pick out. If it is luxury baby items that you are gifting, ensure that the themes fit with lots of gold, purple or royal blue colours.

The best way to customise the package is to add the name of the baby using beads, cut outs either pasted on the hamper or hung like a chain. You can either have one personalised item right on top in a way that the name is visible too.

If you have a large basket, place cotton balls at the bottom or a soft cloth to provide some cushioning for your items. Have a few layers of tissue paper included as well to create a look of elegant. You can finally add vibrant coloured ribbons to complete the look. It’s time to get cracking on the cute baby packages now!gifts-sales